Fordyce Spots

Fordyce Spots are painless harmless small yellowish white or pale red spots. They normally start appearing on the skin during puberty and stay for the rest of the person‘s life.


The spots may appear on the shaft of the penis, scrotum, on the labia, the inner surface on the lips (Retromolar Mucosa), and the vermilion border of the lips. When these spots appear on the penis foreskin, they are named Tyson’s


Fordyce Spots are not a symptom of any skin infections, and they are not infectious at all. They are also not a sign of any diseases or disorders.


Fordyce Spots are named after John Fordyce, the firs dermatologist who defined them and their characteristics for the first time. They are also known as Fordyce’s Sports and Fordyce Granules.


The spots are a type of Sebaceous Glands. Sebaceous Glands are found in the skin to secrete oily or waxy substance that lubricates the human skin and hair to protect it from dryness and keep it in a healthy condition. Sebaceous Glands are mostly found on the scalp and face. Sense Sebaceous Glands don’t usually appear on the lips or genitals, the Fordyce Spots are described to be Ectopic (Abnormally located) Sebaceous Glands, this abnormality doesn’t have anything to do illness or disorders, it is just a term to express a situation that people are not used to. And because of presence of those glands, I tell those who have Fordyce Spots that they tend to have softer and moister skin on those areas than who don’t have them.


Even though Fordyce Spots are not harmful or infectious and they don’t represent any sing of disorders or illness, their unusual appearance make those who have it concern about the possibility of having any sort of infectious diseases and they tend to think more about sexually transmitted diseases and they ask for Fordyce Spots Treatment. The treatment may be asked for due to cosmetic and appearance concerns.