Normal Triglycerides Levels

Normal Triglycerides levels vary from one person to another based on the person’s age and sex. Before the age of 16 the normal levels increase with age and females tend to have higher TGs levels than males, however, after 16, the normal levels start to decrease with age and males start to have higher Triglycerides levels than females. It is also normal for the levels to be increased because of pregnancy.

Triglycerides levels are measured in terms of milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dl).

Triglycerides Levels may be increased by ingesting fatty meals and by consuming alcohol. To avoid interference to accurate results, patients are required to fast for 12 to 14 hours before the test. They are also required to stop drinking alcohol for 24 hours before the test. Only water is allowed for drinking.

The following is a listing for the Normal Triglyceride Levels of fasting patients in each different age and sex group:

Newborn to 5 Years:

Normal Triglyceride Levels

Normal Triglyceride Levels

Male:                    30 to 86 mg/dl

Female:               32 to 99 mg/dl

6 to 11 Years:

Male:                    31 to 108 mg/dl

Female:               35 to 114 mg/dl

12 to 15 Years:

Male:                    36 to 138 mg/dl

Female:               41 to 138 mg/dl

16 to 19 Years:

Male:                    40 to 163 mg/dl

Female:               40 to 128 mg/dl


Male:                    40 to 160 mg/dl

Female:               35 to 135 mg/dl